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Drive a car and use smartphone. Reading messages holding a cell phone while driving. Trans

Acoustics, Audio, and Voice Engineering Services


I’ve been working in the acoustics, audio, and voice industries for 25 years.  I've developed and certified a wide range of audio and speech interfaces for various products in automotive, consumer electronics, and wearables.  I have extensive experience conducting audio and speech interface tuning and testing for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Alexa Auto, and consumer electronics devices including ear buds and smart home devices.  I also gained academic and professional experience with transducer design and development including microphones, loudspeakers, and wearables like headphones and earbuds.  I'm a expert in telecommunications testing for acoustics and speech quality and have a high level of knowledge of the various cellular networks.  I've earned credibility as an industry technical expert and known as the one to go to for developing the acoustic applications of audio and speech devices for all applications as I can design, tune, certify, and help launch your product.

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